3 Bears the Chargers can trade for after Sunday Night Football beatdown

Chicago Bears v Los Angeles Chargers
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RB Khalil Herbert

This may seem like a pipe dream as it would bring another Herbert to Los Angeles. While Khalil Herbert is not someone who is listed as a potential trade candidate, he is someone who the Chargers should at least call and inquire about.

If the Bears are legitimately interested in shopping the young running back then the Chargers should seriously consider trading the necessary draft capital to make it happen. Herbert would be worth a fifth or sixth-round pick, most likely, and it would be worth it.

Herbert is currently on the IR but it is not a serious injury as he is dealing with a high ankle sprain. Herbert can return from the IR in Week 10, meaning that he would only miss one more game in theory (if he can return by Week 10).

When healthy, Herbert is one of the most underrated running backs in the league. He has thrived anytime that the Bears have given him a chance. The former sixth-round pick is averaging 5.1 yards per carry while averaging 2.5 yards per carry after contact last season. Those are eye-popping numbers.

Herbert would add a legitimate boost to a rushing attack that is lacking. As great as Austin Ekeler is, he is not a great between-the-tackles runner. Joshua Kelley is so hit-and-miss. Herbert would instantly be the best between-the-tackles runner.

More importantly, Herbert would give the Chargers a running back for the 2024 season. Both Ekeler and Kelley are free agents after the season and there is no real plan to replace them. Herbert would be that replacement and would allow the Chargers to seamlessly transition at the running back position.