3 Bears the Chargers can trade for after Sunday Night Football beatdown

Chicago Bears v Los Angeles Chargers
Chicago Bears v Los Angeles Chargers / Joe Scarnici/GettyImages
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TE Marcedes Lewis

Marcedes Lewis might not be the biggest name, even though he is one of the oldest players in the league. While Chargers fans may want the team to pursue a big name, the team does not need a big name for it to be a valuable trade acquisition.

In terms of what the Chargers need, Marcedes Lewis would be the best option to trade for. He is not the most talented Bears player that the Bolts can bring in but he offers exactly what this team needs: blocking in the tight end room.

The Chargers' tight end room struggled immensely in 2022, particularly in the blocking department. While everyone in and around the organization knew that was a fact, Tom Telesco opted to not add a single player to the tight end room from a year ago.

Now Telesco and Staley have seven more games of a sample size to realize that this tight-end room simply is not going to cut it. There are multiple reasons why the run game has been sub-optimal and why Herbert has been getting pressured off the edge and the biggest is the poor tight end room.

Despite his age, Lewis is still one of the best blocking tight ends in the sport. He isn't going to do much in the passing game but he would instantly be a huge offensive improvement over third-year tight end Tre' McKitty.