Awful Justin Herbert take resurfaces after Russell Wilson is benched vs Chargers

Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos
Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

The LA Chargers are better off losing the last two games of the year with Easton Stick at quarterback to improve the team's positioning in the 2024 NFL Draft. It appears that the Denver Broncos have taken this future-first approach as well as the team made a surprising decision leading into Week 17.

Despite statistically having a chance to make the playoffs, the Broncos have opted to bench Russell Wilson for the final two games of the season. Denver does not want Wilson to get hurt, as it would trigger more guaranteed money on his contract, as the team is reportedly preparing to release him over the offseason.

While things haven't necessarily been great in Los Angeles, watching the Wilson saga unfold has been entertaining for Chargers fans. Broncos fans swore that their team would contend with Wilson at quarterback and it has been an unmitigated disaster, even though he has played better this season under Sean Payton.

The Broncos will be back to the drawing board at quarterback while the Chargers continue to have one of the best quarterbacks in the league. With the Wilson saga officially ending in Denver, some really bad Herbert-related takes are starting to resurface. Less than two years ago, ESPN's Dan Orvlosky went out on a limb to say that he would rather have Wilson over the next five years than Herbert.

Dan Orvlosky's horrible Justin Herbert take resurfaces after Russell Wilson is benched vs Chargers

Orvlosky has had a lot of bad Justin Herbert takes that did not age well as he never seemed to believe in the young quarterback. Some pundits and analysts will admit when they are wrong, others will just keep throwing out the same take hoping that one day they can be "right" (even though they were never right to begin with).

This might be his worst take of all time though. Let's not forget the context: Herbert was coming off of what is still the best year of his career in 2021 and was much younger than Wilson. Wilson was coming off of a pretty bad Seahawks season that was being blamed on the offensive line and play-calling in Seattle.

If the last two seasons have proven anything (especially with Geno Smith's success in Seattle), it has proven that Russ was the problem all along and has regressed as a quarterback. Meanwhile, Herbert has put together far better numbers despite playing through fractured ribs, a torn labrum and a broken finger on his non-throwing hand. Not to mention a horrible head coach.

The best part of these outrageous takes (for the pundits themselves) is they never have to stand up and admit they were wrong. Orvlosky will just let this take die in the ether, but everyone knows if he was right he would be talking about it every week on television.

We have had our fair share of bad takes here at Bolt Beat. Accountability is the most important part of the industry and we will admit when we were wrong. Thus, it is only fair to put this awful Orvlosky take in the spotlight once more so fans can remind him how wrong he really was.

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