Austin Ekeler blockbuster and 3 other trades Chargers can't refuse in 2023 NFL Draft

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Chargers v Jacksonville Jaguars
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4. Austin Ekeler blockbuster to the Philadelphia Eagles

  • The trade: Austin Ekeler to Philadelphia Eagles for 2023 seventh-round pick (219th overall), 2024 second-round pick

Editor's update: Rumors emerged that the Eagles could be trading for Derrick Henry that have not been confirmed. If that happens, this Austin Ekeler trade will never happen.

The Chargers would not be getting an instant pick in the 2023 NFL Draft that is worth writing home about but they could potentially get a better pick since it is in the future. There is a future tax that would raise the ceiling value of Ekeler warranting a third-round pick to him warranting a second-round pick.

The Eagles have the means to trade their second-round pick in the 2023 NFL Draft as well. The team has the New Orleans Saints' 2023 second-round pick and Howie Roseman is probably betting on the Eagles being better than the Saints, so the Eagles' pick should be lower.

Getting a second-round pick, even if it is in a year, for someone who does not seem to want to be in LA and is likely leaving after this season anyway would be great value. Sure, the Chargers would have to wait, but patience is a virtue that almost always pays off.

Philadelphia feels like the most logical destination for Bijan Robinson with the 10th overall pick. However, with the Eagles not having many draft picks this year, the team may ultimately pass on him to address other needs that cannot be addressed later.

This logic could carry over to Philly's second and third-round picks (their only other picks other than their seventh-rounder), which would leave a hole at running back. The Eagles are a team that is looking to return to the Super Bowl in a wide-open NFC, so trading a future pick for one year of someone like Ekeler isn't absurd.

Ekeler in that offense would be incredible and that is the vision that the Eagles would be selling themselves. A lot of dominoes would have to fall for this to happen but if it does then the Chargers cannot say no.