Austin Ekeler blockbuster and 3 other trades Chargers can't refuse in 2023 NFL Draft

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Chargers v Jacksonville Jaguars
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2. Second-round team overpays the Chargers to move back into the first round

  • The trade: 21st overall pick to Seattle Seahawks for 37th overall pick, 52nd overall pick

Trading down in the 2023 NFL Draft is a move that many Chargers fans want to see and rightfully so. The Bolts are building out depth and if they can pick up another premium position for moving down a few spots then that is the best move.

This draft class is also not as deep when it comes to top-end talent. After the top 15-18 prospects it really opens up and the Chargers could get a similar (or even the same) prospect early in the second round as they would at pick 21.

That being said, another team could overpay to move back into the first round. There is an added benefit of getting the fifth-year rookie option with a first-round pick and that could convince a team with extra draft capital to move back into the first.

It does not have to be this exact trade but one good example would be a trade down with the Seattle Seahawks. Seattle already has two picks in the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft and if they want a third then they could ship both of their second-round picks to LA for pick 21.

The Chargers would be getting the better deal value-wise as these two picks are worth a combined 910 points on the NFL Draft Value Chart. Pick 21 is worth 800. It would be an overpay by Seattle but we see overpays like this all the time in the draft because of that extra benefit of having a fifth-year rookie option.

If the Chargers get this offer from Seattle, or a similar one from another team early in the second round, then it is too hard to say no.