Austin Ekeler blockbuster and 3 other trades Chargers can't refuse in 2023 NFL Draft

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Things have been pretty quiet for the LA Chargers in recent weeks as the team and the rest of the league prepares for the upcoming 2023 NFL Draft. For the Bolts, the 2023 NFL Draft represents a chance to build roster depth that can aid in the team's Super Bowl pursuit.

That being said, fans are preparing for the Bolts to potentially make some kind of trade in the draft. Tom Telesco slipped up and hinted at a trade back earlier this offseason. It is not a guarantee but it does seem like a very reasonable possibility.

One thing is for certain — if the Bolts are offered any of these trades then it might be too hard to say no.

2023 NFL Draft trades the Chargers can't refuse:

Austin Ekeler blockbuster to the Cincinnati Bengals

  • The trade: Austin Ekeler to the Cincinnati Bengals for 2023 third-round pick (92nd overall)

The Chargers don't have to trade Austin Ekeler this offseason but it might be best to just bite the bullet. While most Chargers fans likely want to see Ekeler stay on the team, if his current trade request and contract disputes trickles into the regular season then it is not worth the hassle.

Instead, getting off of Ekeler and getting an asset for him would be a much better long-term situation for the Bolts. It would suck as a fan but if the Chargers really don't want to extend Ekeler then this is the better route.

That does not mean the team should trade Ekeler for pennies. But if a team like the Cincinnati Bengals, who suddenly have a huge question mark at running back, are willing to offer a top-100 pick then the Bolts cannot turn it down.

That may not seem like much for Ekeler but you have to remember that running backs are not valued very much in the league and he is only under contract for one more year. If Jalen Ramsey is traded for the 77th pick then getting the 92nd pick for Ekeler would be fantastic.