AFC West wide receiver rooms ranked from worst to best in 2023

Where do the LA Chargers rank among their peers after rebuilding the wide receiver room?
Los Angeles Chargers v Indianapolis Colts
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3. Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos have plenty of names that casual fans or Madden players will recognize and that causes the general consensus to be better about the room than it actually is. In reality, the receivers in Denver have been disappointing (although they have not been helped by their quarterback play).

Jerry Jeudy was tabbed as the best receiver in his draft class and while he has had moments of greatness, he still has not looked like a bonafide WR1 in the NFL. He is definitely talented and last season was a step in the right direction but he would not be a WR1 on the Chargers or the Raiders.

Tim Patrick has had really promising moments as well and the Broncos inked him to a contract that was great value for the team. However, he has not been able to stay healthy and it is fair to question his ability to be a great WR2. After all, he has never finished with 800 receiving yards and he missed all of last year.

The same can be said about Courtland Sutton. Sutton is a familiar name because of fantasy football but he has been unable to repeat his Pro Bowl 2019 season. He finally returned to positive form in 2022 but he still checked in with an 8.3% drop rate and under 850 yards.

There is talent in the room for sure. But the room lacks a true WR1 and is composed of a lot of fine players that don't elevate below-average quarterback play. If Jeudy can step up and give the team a true WR1 then suddenly the room looks much deeper. But until then, the room is composed of a lot of WR2s and WR3s.