3 AFC West signings that should legitimately worry Chargers fans

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Marcus Epps, Las Vegas Raiders

Most of the moves that the Las Vegas Raiders made this offseason were laughable. After all, the team replaced Derek Carr with a worse version of the middling mediocre quarterback in Jimmy Garoppolo. Vegas also paid Jerry Tillery on a new two-year deal. Any team that willingly pays Tillery can't be trusted.

There are some other questionable moves that the Raiders made but among the flurry of signings one stands out as the best: safety Marcus Epps. Epps was a key member of the strong Philadelphia Eagles defense last season and he brings a much-needed dynamic to this Raiders defense.

Epps is one of the best tackling and run-defending safeties in the entire sport. While his coverage took a step back last season, he has shown in the past that he can play strong in pass coverage at the safety position. This is a Raiders defense that really struggled last season that needed a leader like Epps.

Is Epps going to completely reinvent this Raiders defense and make it impossible to score against? Not at all. But when a team has someone like Maxx Crosby rushing the quarterback it is great to actually have a difference-maker in the secondary that can make plays happen.

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The questionable signings and decisions the Raiders made (like trading Darren Waller and replacing him with Austin Hooper and OJ Howard) still make this Vegas team worse. However, the Chargers have no choice but to respect the Epps signing.