3 AFC West signings that should legitimately worry Chargers fans

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Samaje Perine, Denver Broncos

It might seem a bit absurd to include a running back that was the RB2 on his team last season as a signing that Chargers fans should worry about. It might seem even more absurd considering Perine is still going to be the RB2 now that he is in Denver.

While Perine himself might not seem like the most worrisome signing, it is the running back room as a whole that Sean Payton is building that the Chargers should worry about. This is especially true considering the Chargers' lack of run defense.

The Broncos already have one of the best young backs in the league in Javonte Williams. Williams did suffer a torn ACL last season but should be ready to return for training. With Williams and now Perine, Denver has a tenacious 1-2 punch that should not be overlooked.

Let's not forget what Sean Payton did in New Orleans when he had two solid running backs in Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram. Comparing these two backs to the New Orleans backs might be a bit rich but this Denver duo can legitimately be 90% of what that New Orleans duo was.

Williams brings the dynamic offense on the ground while Perine is a dynamic pass-catcher. For a team that is seemingly looking to run the ball more with Russell Wilson struggling under center, this is a great duo to have.