AFC West quarterbacks ranked from worst to best in 2023

The AFC West has some big names playing under center in 2023.
Denver Broncos v Los Angeles Chargers
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3. Russell Wilson, Denver Broncos

If Carr was still in the division then we could legitimately make the case that Russell Wilson is the worst quarterback in the AFC West. Wilson is coming off of a horrible year with the Denver Broncos and it is fair to question what the 2023 season is going to be like.

Wilson might have a more efficient year as he now has Sean Payton as his head coach and that is a massive upgrade from Nathaniel Hackett. That being said, he would only be more efficient because Payton understands his limitations and leans more into the run in 2023.

The signs were there for Wilson to start regressing. His last year and a half in Seattle were not very good and he is a short, mobile quarterback in his 30s. These types of quarterbacks never age well and while Tom Brady has defied what we thought we knew about age limitations, Wilson is on the usual regression curve of his mid-30s.

Plus, the fact that the Seattle Seahawks were even willing to trade Wilson should have been indicative of how the team felt about him. Regardless of the differences of opinion, no team is going to trade a quarterback that it thinks gives the team a chance to win the Super Bowl. That just doesn't happen.

Seattle did trade Wilson and was instantly justified in doing so. Wilson ranks third in his own division and after last season, belongs in the bottom half of QBs throughout the entire league. In a loaded AFC, Wilson may not be good enough.