AFC West head coaches ranked from worst to best in 2023

There are some very polarizing head coaches in the AFC West.

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3. Brandon Staley, LA Chargers

Brandon Staley is one of the most interesting head coaches in the entire sport and Chargers fans are certainly split on Staley as a head coach. After the team's 27-point blown lead in the AFC Wild Card Round, many thought Staley would get the boot after just two seasons with the team.

Has Staley been perfect? Not even close. He has made some pretty big mistakes that have cost the Chargers. However, he has also helped change the culture of the team and has shown brilliant moments where he won the game for the team. It is a lot easier to remember those bad moments than the good moments.

If we zoom out 1,000 feet and don't get caught up in the emotion of the season then it is safe to say that Staley is around the middle of the pack as a head coach. He still has a winning record in two years with the Chargers.

The 2023 season will be a very important one for Staley and the Chargers. This is probably his last real chance to prove that he is the guy to trust with Justin Herbert's prime years. If Staley has another lackluster season with mistakes then it might be time for the team to move on from him and Tom Telesco.

However, in a perfect world, there is at least a slim chance that the Chargers could have an excellent season and Staley could usurp the second head coach on this list, especially if 2023 goes poorly.