AFC power rankings: Chargers are better off than fans realize

Los Angeles Chargers v Minnesota Vikings
Los Angeles Chargers v Minnesota Vikings / Adam Bettcher/GettyImages
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AFC Power Rankings Tier 2: The AFC North logjam

  • 6. Pittsburgh Steelers (2-1 record, -14 point differential)

We were very close to ranking the Steelers below both the Chargers and Bengals on this power ranking. Both teams have more talent than the Steelers but the main difference is the Steelers have been able to win close games so far this season.

Pittsburgh won't last long and they are the main candidate to fall out of the AFC North logjam. But they are still a solid team that has a good chance of fighting for a spot in the playoffs come January. A good defense and a great head coach always put you in the mix.

Pittsburgh is very similar to New England and in three more weeks, the two teams may end up ranked right next to each other. For now, Pittsburgh ranks sixth.

  • 5. Baltimore Ravens (2-1 record, +16 point differential)

The Ravens should be 3-0 this season as the refs really blew it in Week 3 in overtime. The refs missed a blatant pass interference that would have given Baltimore a first down and a great chance to win the game in overtime.

That does not change the fact that Baltimore should not have even been in that situation to begin with. The Ravens have been a tough team to gauge thus far and the next month will be very telling as the team takes on the Browns, Steelers, Titans and Lions.

  • 4. Cleveland Browns (2-1 record, +41 point differential)

The Cleveland Browns may have the best defense in the NFL. Cleveland has absolutely dominated its opposition on the defensive side of the ball this season and that was on full display in Week 3 when the team completely shut down Tennessee.

If it wasn't for Deshaun Watson's mistakes this team would be 3-0. The Browns lost to the Steelers in Week 2 in a game where the Steelers scored two defensive touchdowns. Cleveland has allowed one touchdown on defense in three games. That is something. If Watson can round into shape then they will jump into the next tier.