7-round Chargers mock draft following free agency moves

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With the 165h pick, the LA Chargers select Owen Pappoe, LB, Auburn

From a stylistic standpoint, Owen Pappoe is someone who the Chargers can draft to replace Drue Tranquill. It is not going to happen right away as Pappoe will be limited to rotational snaps and special teams but he has a very similar makeup to Tranquill in what he is good at.

Pappoe is at his best when he is either in pass coverage or when his athleticism is utilized as a blitzer. Sound familiar? He is not the typical run-stuffing, hard-nosed linebacker and that is fine. Pappoe would have a place to succeed in Staley's defense, as we saw this year with Tranquill.

With the 200th pick, the LA Chargers select Jonathan Mingo, WR, Mississippi

Unless the team plans on signing a wide receiver before (or after) the draft, two receivers should be drafted. As it stands right now, the Chargers only have three NFL-caliber receiver on the depth chart and that needs to change.

Mingo seems right up the Chargers' alley when it comes to a late-round receiver prospect. His traits do not jump off the page but he is a sound wide receiver with strong technique, route-running and run-blocking.

With the 239th pick, the LA Chargers select Jason Taylor II, S, Oklahoma State

Jason Taylor II is not the son of former NFL defensive lineman Jason Taylor but he could make the league and look to make half of the mark that the latter did. Options are limited in the seventh round but Taylor is the kind of selection the Chargers should look to make.

Taylor is a point-and-shoot style of safety that might struggle in more complex schemes but can be utilized as a blitzing piece if needed early on. In simple man-on-man coverage, Taylor's athleticism should be good enough.

But that is not what the Chargers would even be drafting him for as he would not be playing defense in his rookie year. Instead, his athleticism and hard-hitting nature makes him a really exciting special teams prospect for Ryan Ficken to get his hands on.