7-round Chargers mock draft following free agency moves

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With the 71st pick, the LA Chargers select Tyler Scott, WR, Cincinnati

Here is the speed receiver that Chargers fans have been asking for. A lot of fans want to see the Chargers take a receiver in the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft but that does not seem likely with the team committing so much money to Keenan Allen and Mike Williams.

Telesco has told fans to our faces that he believes in the top three WRs on the depth chart and we have no reason not to believe him. Instead of a first-round receiver, the Chargers get the rich man's version of Jalen Guyton in Scott to be the WR4 in year one.

Then, as things go on, he can jump into a larger role in 2024 and the Chargers can draft a wide out early to replace whoever leaves after 2023.

With the 85th pick, the LA Chargers select D.J. Turner, CB, Michigan

It is unclear how long it is going to take until J.C. Jackson can return from injury but fans should expect it to happen later rather than sooner. With Jackson out, the team could benefit from replacing Bryce Callahan in the secondary with someone who can play in the slot.

The team gets that in D.J. Turner. Turner is extremely gifted athletically with his speed and coverage abilities with the only knock on his game being his size. However, as a slot corner or nickel corner, he could more than prove his value to this Chargers' defense in year one.

Turner is exactly the kind of cornerback that Brandon Staley loves to get his hands on and with an extra pick in the third round, taking him becomes much easier to justify.