6 Chargers who definitely won't be back next season

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Joshua Kelley

The final (notable) player who will not return to the Chargers next season is Joshua Kelley. There are definitely a handful of backend roster guys and practice squad players who won't be back next season. These six are the ones that ultimately matter.

The Chargers selected Joshua Kelley in the fourth round of the 2020 NFL Draft and he never lived up to expectations. Kelley's first career game was ultimately the highlight of his career with the Chargers. The rest of his rookie and sophomore seasons were bad and he never quite turned the corner in year three or four.

Kelley showed flashes in 2022 and 2023 but he could never piece it together over the long run. There were moments where Kelley looked like a much better option than Austin Ekeler but when given the chance to start, Kelley stumbled.

The running back room is going to get a makeover in 2024 and Kelley will not be part of that. Los Angeles needs to sign a cheap veteran running back who pops more of a punch and needs to draft a running back as well.

The Bolts are not going to have a bellcow running back next season and it will have to be more of a committee approach. But with how bad the running back room was this season, it won't be hard for the Chargers to improve in this regard.

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