6 Chargers who definitely won't be back next season

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Khalil Mack

Prior to the 2023 season, it seemed like an inevitable fate that Khalil Mack would be a cap casualty during the 2024 offseason. Mack then went out and put together the best year of his storied career and has convinced many Chargers fans that he should return.

If the Chargers had the same regime then there would be a bigger chance that Mack would stay in LA. But with a new head coach and general manager who have no ties to Mack, it does not seem like he has a future in Los Angeles.

Yes, Mack is coming off of a career year with the Chargers but waiving or trading him is one of the best ways for the Bolts to save money. If the Chargers waive or trade him before June 1 then the team will save $23.25 million in cap space. If he sticks around, the Chargers will be paying a 33-year-old $38.5 million.

As good as Mack has been this season, the best thing a team can do is get rid of a guy too early rather than too late. Mack's career season has increased his trade value and the Chargers could get something more than just more cap space out of him. That is a huge win.

It is much better in the long run to trade Mack, get a day 2 selection, and get cap space for the upcoming 2024 season. Keeping him around for one more year at a massively high price just so he can (likely) regress is too near-sighted of a move.