6 Chargers who definitely won't be back next season

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Michael Davis

No player on the LA Chargers has been as up and down as Michael Davis has been in recent years. Davis has occupied both ends of the spectrum in his career as there were times where he looked like an elite corner and other times where he didn't even look like he was worthy of a roster spot.

Davis had a solid 2020 season for the Bolts that earned him a new three-year deal with the team. However, Davis didn't really mesh well with the style of defense that Brandon Staley called, which hurt his production in 2021.

Those struggles continued into the 2022 season but then a switch flipped for Davis. After looking like an inevitable cap casualty, Davis put together the best stretch of his career in the second half of the 2022 season. Davis looked like a legitimate CB1 and the Chargers couldn't afford to let him go.

That led to the 2023 season, where Davis was probably the worst player on the entire roster. Davis was targeted throughout the 2023 season and was even benched in favor for Deane Leonard. Leonard then suffered an injury, allowing Davis to return to the starting lineup to continue the struggles.

Davis definitely won't be back for the 2024 season and it would not be all that surprising if the veteran corner is out of the league altogether.