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5 LA Chargers who won't be back in 2022 unless they improve after bye week

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Tristan Vizcaino, Ty Long
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5. Tristan Vizcaino

At this rate, Tristan Vizcaino might not even make it to the end of the 2021 season with the LA Chargers. While it seems like a foregone conclusion to cut the kicker who has missed five extra-point attempts in six games, Brandon Staley and the coaching staff continue to have faith in Vizcaino.

There is some potential there. Vizcaino has a huge leg and in theory should be able to make long kicks for the Bolts when they call on it. However, that does not matter when he is inaccurate and thus far he has been the most inaccurate kicker in the league.

Plus, with the Chargers' aggressive mindset you would think that they value kick accuracy over raw kick power. Of course, there will be a time when the Chargers need to nail a 50-yarder to win the game but can we actually trust Vizcaino to make it? No.

The one thing that might be keeping him in LA is the lack of a kicking market. While the Chargers could reunite with an old friend at the position, there are not many in-season options that are going to actually be improvements for the Bolts.

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However, in the offseason there are more directions for the team to go. So even if Vizcaino makes it the rest of the year, unless he makes every single kick from here on out, his chances of making it on the 2022 team appear to be slim.