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5 LA Chargers who won't be back in 2022 unless they improve after bye week

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Chris Harris Jr., Rashod Bateman
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3. Chris Harris Jr.

To be fair, Chris Harris Jr. has not played that poorly this season but his contract is expiring after the year and at his age, he is going to have to prove that he has something left in the tank for the Chargers to offer him a new contract.

His contract is not going to be even close to the one that the team gave him in the 2020 offseason but there is a reality in which Harris proves to be an important part of the secondary and the Chargers want to bring him back for veteran depth.

However, at his current level of play, it is hard to justify using any of the team's cap space on bringing him back. Tevaughn Campbell has arguably been better than Harris in the slot and the team can draft cornerbacks in the 2022 NFL Draft to add depth.

He does have value in his veteran insight but that is not enough to warrant a contract. Harris is going to have to show something special in these final 11 weeks or there is a good chance that he is on a new team in 2022. In fact, I would not be all that shocked if he ends up retiring after the season with the miles on his body.

Not only does he have to play well but he has to stay healthy as well. Harris has struggled to stay on the field consistently since joining the Chargers and if he doesn't string together 11 straight games played then that could instantly end the discussion.