4 current Chargers we can safely call busts

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1. Kenneth Murray

Now that Tillery is no longer with the team there is not a single player on the Chargers roster that is disliked by fans more than Kenneth Murray. Even when Murray is putting together quality stretches of football, the fanbase lets it be known that they have been disappointed by his game.

To be fair to Murray, it is not his fault that the Chargers gave up so much to get him. The Bolts traded a second and third-round pick to move back into the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft to select Murray. They punted on all of their day two picks so they could bring Murray into the defense to captain the ship.

The results have been far from that. He got a pass in his rookie season because he was a rookie and rookie linebackers are prone to make mistakes. But then the mistakes continued in year two, so much to the point that the team tried making him an edge rusher.

That did not work out and he returned to linebacker in 2022. Murray had flashes of playing really solid for the Bolts but he also made so many mistakes that outweighed the positive plays. If he was a sixth-round linebacker fighting for playing time it would be understandable. But he isn't! He is someone who cost a second and third-round pick.

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Obviously we don't know who the Chargers actually would have taken but if they didn't trade those picks they could have taken Trevon Diggs and Devin Duvernay in the next two rounds. Instead, they have Kenneth Murray.