4 current Chargers we can safely call busts

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2. Tre' McKitty

The 2022 season was a really bad one for Tre' McKitty and making it worse was the fact that he showed potential in his rookie season. McKitty was very obviously raw as a pass-catching tight end but there was real potential with his ability as a blocker to at least make an impact in 2022.

Instead of taking a step forward, McKitty remained the same as a pass-catcher (if not taking a step back) and was much worse as a blocker. It isn't just that he was worse at blocking but he was actively a bad blocker and was part of the problem. The Chargers could not rely on him to give any reliable chips on the offensive line.

McKitty still has time to turn it around, sure, but it is unclear if the staff in the building are fully bought in on McKitty. There is legitimate discourse around the Chargers taking a tight end early (potentially in the first round) in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Gerald Everett was solid for the Bolts last season. Sure, he is on a one-year deal, but you would not draft a tight end that early in the draft if you had faith in McKitty blossoming into someone who can hold down the fort as the TE1.

McKitty may not have been a first or second-round pick. But if you are using top-100 draft capital on a tight end you better hope to get someone who can at least be a consistent force on offense. That is not the case at all for McKitty, who could legitimately be the TE4 next season.