4 current Chargers we can safely call busts

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3. Joe Reed and K.J. Hill

Okay, we are cheating a bit on this inclusion. Not only are we combining two players into one, but we are including players that are no longer with the Chargers. However, Reed and Hill get lumped in on a technicality, you know, because we make the rules.

Reed and Hill should still be with the Chargers, that is the thing. There is a difference between Jerry Tillery and Nasir Adderley, whose rookie contracts are over, and Reed and Hill. The 2023 season will be the fourth season for Hill and Reed, meaning that they should still be on the roster on their rookie deals.

Instead, neither guy is on the team. Hill got the boot in 2021 while Reed lived on the practice squad for all of 2022 and wasn't signed to a futures deal. It is clear that nothing clicked for either receiver under Brandon Staley despite Chargers fans hyping them up in 2020.

Yes, they were a fifth and seventh-round pick but let's not pretend that fans were super stoked for both guys. Reed not dropping a single 20-yard pass in college was thrown around all over social media while fans called Hill the steal of the seventh round as he was a "fourth-round prospect".

At the end of the day, the Chargers took two receivers in the 2020 NFL Draft so they could be the depth of the WR room. You know what was horrible in 2022? The receiver depth. It is because the team massively missed on both guys and that is why the team currently only has three viable NFL wide receivers on the roster.