3 young Chargers who have been concerningly quiet in training camp

These Chargers needed to make noise and haven't thus far

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JT Woods

The door is wide open for JT Woods to earn a lot more playing time in his sophomore season with the Chargers. As it stands right now, Alohi Gilman is the favorite for the second starting safety spot next to Derwin James but that is a position that is not locked in stone.

The Chargers would likely prefer to see Woods blossom as a player and develop into a starting-caliber option in his second year. After all, the team took him in the third round of the 2022 NFL Draft after not having a second-round pick because they loved his potential so much.

The team knew that Woods would be a developmental prospect and there is nothing wrong with that. But if that development continues into the second season and he still cannot see the field then that is when the team has to start asking questions about his future.

Woods hasn't had any terrible moments in training camp thus far but he also has not had any key moments that jump out either. As it stands right now, the second-year safety is sort of getting lost in the shuffle and that is not where he wants to be.

The biggest test for Woods is going to be in the preseason when the pads are on and guys are actually tackling. The biggest hole in Woods' game is his ability to tackle and even if they are hitting each other in practice, there is no way to truly see how far he has come (or hasn't) until you see him in a game against other NFL players.