3 dream scenarios for the Chargers in the 2023 NFL Draft (that actually might happen)

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1. Chargers trade back in the first round

This is where all three of these can get tied together. In addition to potentially landing two hugely impactful players in the middle rounds of the draft, the Chargers would execute a dream draft scenario by simply moving back in the first round.

The Chargers hold the 21st pick in the draft and depending on how the quarterbacks and receivers fall, that pick could be a very valuable one and an inflection point that teams target. The Baltimore Ravens own the 22nd pick in the draft and are a wild card, making the 21st pick an important slot for teams that need to move up.

Los Angeles might be able to pick up another pick in the first 75-100 picks and if so it would be a massive win. The Bolts can move back and still select an impactful tight end or wide receiver in round one, can land an edge rusher in round two and can add another prospect along with Reed and Spears in the middle rounds.

This might make it more likely that the team lands these dream prospects as well. If the Chargers get an earlier pick in the third round then they could use that to secure Spears, use the other third to secure Reed and then use the fourth for another impactful player.

Regardless, this is a draft in which the team needs to add depth and the best way to do that is by trading back in the draft and picking up extra draft capital.

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