3 Chargers who could shock the world during the 2022 season

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3. Trey Pipkins

I officially have planted my flag on Trey Pipkins island. I am purchasing half of the real estate on the island and I think that by the time the 2022 season is over, there are going to be plenty of Charger fans looking to buy real estate on Pipkins island at a much higher price.

Do I think that Pipkins is going to come in and be the Rashawn Slater of the right side of the offensive line? Not at all, that would be an absurd thing to project considering Slater is likely going to be an All-Pro next season. Do I think that Pipkins can come in and be as good at right tackle as Matt Feiler would be? Honestly, yes I do.

I know that is a lot of put on Pipkins but if he is ever going to show his value in the league it has to be this season. The Chargers drafted him as a developmental tackle in the third round of the 2019 NFL Draft and we all panicked when he didn't play great right away forgetting that the keyword: developmental.

Frank Smith was one of the best offensive line coaches in the league last season and while he is now the offensive coordinator of the Miami Dolphins, his impact on Pipkins should still be felt. Pipkins has shown flashes of being quite decent, after all, and those flashes will culminate with a positive season at right tackle.

The Chargers seem to believe in Pipkins considering the team did not add a single right tackle this offseason. I doubt they believe in Storm Norton after the Week 18 performance he had last season, so it has to be Pipkins who they are betting on.

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Pipkins played just one game at right tackle last season and did not allow a single pressure. Granted, it was against a banged-up Denver Broncos team but that is still extremely promising. The potential is there for Pipkins to shock the world, and quite frankly, I think there is a good chance that he does.