3 Chargers who could shock the world during the 2022 season

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Ezekiel Elliott, Kenneth Murray
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2. Kenneth Murray

Call me crazy but I still believe in Kenneth Murray as an NFL player. A lot of people gave up hope on Nasir Adderley after his first two seasons and he came out with a head-turning third year that changed everyone's opinion on him as a player.

While the situations are undoubtedly different, Murray has had to deal with some hurdles thus far in his NFL career that absolutely can set a young player back. He has had to play in two different defenses in two years, didn't get a true rookie season because of a global pandemic and played with an injured ankle for pretty much all of the 2021 season.

His decision-making is questionable and he had a really ugly season last season. There is no reason to sit here and pretend that Murray was really good last season because he wasn't. He was really bad. However, the same potential that the Chargers saw in him two years ago is still there as he is still an uber-athletic linebacker who in theory, could be good in Brandon Staley's defense.

Staley values linebackers less than any other position on the defense but there is still value in Murray being someone who can play man coverage in early downs while also being someone who can attack running lanes and help in that regard. Yes, he has to improve his football IQ out there in order to do so but a second season with Staley and this coaching staff could help.

I am not saying that Murray is going to be a Pro Bowler next season. However, he could make the jump into being a serviceable linebacker for the Bolts in the same way that Denzel Perryman was before he left. With so many Charger fans already writing him off, Murray would shock the world by doing that.