3 Chargers who could be nice surprises in 2024

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The LA Chargers are entering a new era with Jim Harbaugh at head coach. Harbaugh is looking to win his first Super Bowl as a head coach and is looking to change the culture of the organization he is joining. It won't happen overnight, but the new regime in LA has already made drastic changes this offseason.

If the Chargers are going to accelerate this process to win a Super Bowl as soon as possible then they will need certain players to step up and play above expectations. If the Chargers can get several existing players of the roster to play at a higher level than expected then the team can make it far as early as 2024.

Nothing is guaranteed in the league, but there are several Chargers who are in a prime position to pleasantly surprise fans next season.

Quentin Johnston could be a nice surprise for the Chargers

Quentin Johnston had as bad of a rookie year as he could have had for the Chargers. Not only was his production extremely underwhelming, but he was drafted directly in front of two receivers who fans wanted (and had much better seasons than Johnston).

To make matters worse, Johnston also had a game-losing drop against the Green Bay Packers that served as the perfect metaphor for his rookie season. After just one year, many fans are convinced that Johnston will be a bust.

That being said, new GM Joe Hortiz has expressed confidence in the young receiver and there is a reason to believe that he will be better with a new coaching staff. Johnston probably will never develop into being a WR1, but he can be more productive with a coaching staff that knows how to use him.

Johnston is a short-yardage, YAC receiver that was treated like he was Mike Williams (after Williams got hurt) just because he is six-foot-four. The Chargers did not put Johnston in a position to succeed last season and that may change in 2024.