3 Chargers who are definitely entering their last season in LA

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3. Michael Davis

Michael Davis is unlike the other two players that made the cut for this list. Both Adderley and Tillery are free agents after the 2022 season and that obviously opens the door for their tenure with the team to be over. Davis is not a free agent as he has one more year left under contract after 2022.

However, all the signs are pointing to the Chargers parting ways with Davis after this season unless he really turns things around and proves that he should stay on the team.

This might seem counter-productive to what the Chargers want to do as the secondary is still a tad bit thin and Brandon Staley loves corners. That being said, Davis did not really play well in his first season under Staley. Because of that, the team is reportedly not that high on Davis any longer.

Los Angeles would obviously have to replace Davis in some capacity. J.C. Jackson and Asante Samuel Jr. could be a lethal 1-2 combo but the Chargers are still going to need more depth than they even have this season. Letting Davis go can actually help accomplish that, though.

The Chargers can cut Davis and save $7.4 million against the cap next season. With an impending extension to James, this could be a great way for the team to save money, bring in multiple depth corners and draft a corner high in the 2023 NFL Draft. That would be a way to improve the outlook of the defense and save money in the process.

That being said, if Davis turns it around and has a great season then the Chargers are going to have no choice but to keep him around. It would truly have to be a great season, though.