3 Chargers who are definitely entering their last season in LA

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Jerry Tillery
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2. Jerry Tillery

Jerry Tillery was selected in the same draft class as Nasir Adderley but he has been unable to make that same leap that Adderley has made. While Tillery has made small improvements throughout his three seasons, for the most part, he is the same player in 2022 that he was when the Chargers drafted him back in 2019.

It never fully came together for the late first-round pick. His scouting report out of Notre Dame indicated that he could be a boom or bust prospect and he has mostly been a bust for the Chargers. He has had his moments, sure, but he definitely has not played like a first-round talent.

Tillery shows flashes of that pass-rush presence that the Chargers drafted him for but he is far too inconsistent and for the most part, is a below-average pass-rusher. That obviously does not offset the hole in his game as a run defender, as he is really bad against the run on the inside.

The Chargers have rebuilt the defensive line this offseason and quite frankly, you could make the case for the team trading Tillery before the season begins if there is an offer on the table. The Bolts brought in a better version of Tillery in Morgan Fox after the 2022 NFL Draft.

It is more likely that he stays on the team in 2022 but either way, he is likely gone after this season. Either he has a breakout season and the Chargers don't want to get in a bidding war for him or he continues to play at this level and the Chargers simply don't want to re-sign him.