3 awful AFC West signings that Chargers fans can laugh at

Las Vegas Raiders Introduce Jimmy Garoppolo
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1. Raiders re-signing Jerry Tillery

Speaking of interior defensive linemen who were worse than Morgan Fox but still got a contract in the AFC West, the Raiders decided to re-sign Jerry Tillery after bringing him in last season. The Chargers waived Tillery after the bye week after failing to find any trade suitors for him at the deadline.

In all actuality, the Allen contract might be worse in the long run because of how much the Broncos are paying him and how it might restrict the team moving forward. But if we are ranking these moves by hilarity then Tillery has to be no. 1.

Anyone who watched the Chargers since the 2019 season knows that Tillery just doesn't have it. He is as bad as a starting defensive lineman can be against the run and his upside as a pass-rush specialist simply isn't there.

What makes this move even more mind-boggling for the Raiders (and funnier for Chargers fans) is the fact that Tillery was not even good for the Raiders last season. He had one good game against the Chargers and besides that, he was awful.

In fact, he even cost the Raiders a late-season game against the LA Rams with a dumb penalty that ultimately ended the Raiders' playoff hopes. And that had a chain reaction of Carr becoming the fall guy and the Raiders signing Jimmy G.

It is starting to feel like Tillery is some sort of special operative for the Chargers that is trying to sabotage the Raiders from within. And it might be working as Tillery has a higher cap hit in 2023 than Fox does.