LA Chargers: 4 players who are playing for their next contract in 2021

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports – LA Chargers

Every single offseason the LA Chargers have the task of determining who the team wants to bring back with a new contract and who the team can afford to let go. We saw this in action with some bigger names this past offseason with Hunter Henry and Rashawn Jenkins being the notable departures and Michael Davis being the notable re-signed player.

Luckily, the LA Chargers locked up their stars in Joey Bosa and Keenan Allen a year before they were set to be free agents, so that was never a discussion this offseason. Still, there were some decisions that had to be made.

Next offseason is not as bad. While the Chargers have upcoming free agents, they do not have a huge name like Hunter Henry. The veterans, such as Chris Harris and Linval Joseph, likely won’t be re-signed, and if they are, it will be one-year deals for cheap.

It is the younger upcoming free agents to look at as those are the players who are playing for their next contract and could ball out in 2021 because of it. Look at Rashawn Jenkins. He was not a star by any means, but last season absolutely was his best season as he was in a contract year.

There are several LA Chargers players who will play with that same juice in 2021.

This season will determine how much certain players make not just next season but in the immediate seasons thereafter. Let’s get into the LA Chargers players who are playing for their next contract in 2021.