LA Chargers: 3 most underrated players heading into 2021

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The excitement is at an all-time high for the LA Chargers heading into the 2021 season. Justin Herbert is coming off of the best rookie season in NFL history, the team made a great new head coach hire and many people have the Chargers as a Super Bowl dark horse.

While there is always the risk of being too optimistic, we have to agree. The Chargers definitely are a Super Bowl dark horse heading into the 2021 season.

A big component of the team’s success and if they can hit this ceiling is the non-superstars. The players that can have a big impact on the team, and quite frankly, are likely underrated heading into the season.

Three LA Chargers who are underrated heading into 2021

1. Michael Davis

Some of these players are underrated by their own fans, others are underrated by the mainstream NFL fan. Charger fans certainly know how special Michael Davis can be as he was widely underrated last year and had a very promising season ahead of a new contract with the team.

Davis has all the tools to be a legitimate CB1 in this league and if Brandon Staley has the kind of impact that we expect him to then Davis will blossom into one of the most surprising cornerbacks in the league this season.

Davis’ combination of size and elite speed is truly rare in this league and year after year he has gotten better in his technique and in coverage. With a new scheme that is going to utilize much more man coverage with split-zone safeties, Davis could thrive.

Either way, Davis is going to be a solid cornerback and the floor for him is probably an average CB1 that is not perfect but can get the job done. If all goes well, Davis could be in the Pro Bowl conversation and give the Chargers yet another breakout great cornerback.