LA Chargers: 4 players who could be first-time All-Pros in 2021

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(Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

4. Keenan Allen

I promise I am not underrating Keenan Allen as the rest of the league does. Yes, he is fourth on this list, but still saying that he is a candidate to be a first-time All-Pro this season is saying something. As long as the Chargers are a playoff team and he stays healthy then he should be in the running.

There is simply a lot of talented wide receivers in the league whereas it is easier for Ekeler to have a path to the top. Allen has had great season after great season and has not been recognized so it is time for him to take it up another notch to get that nod.

We all know he is capable of it and with the right offensive scheme, he and Justin Herbert could truly do special things.

I can really see the passing game being similar to the Saints’ from 2019. That was the season that Michael Thomas set the NFL record for receptions in a season as Brees’ go-to target. Thomas was great off the line and had elite hands, making him an easy first target to throw to.

That could be the same situation for Allen. Allen is one of the most elusive receivers in the league with elite route running. He can get off the line of scrimmage early and get open and we may see that drawn up a lot in 2021. Just like the 2019 Saints, most plays are going to be designed with the intention of getting the ball either to the WR1 or the RB1.

And if all goes as planned, those plays will work and Herbert won’t need to go through his progressions. Obviously, that is not how football works and that will happen, but we should see a lot more first read passes this year as opposed to last year.

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Allen was leading the league in receptions late into the season last year so he is definitely capable of having a huge season similar to Thomas that would undoubtedly make him an All-Pro.