LA Chargers: 3 games in 2021 that have fun storylines attached

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(Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

Fans are expecting the LA Chargers‘ 2021 season to be much more fun than last season. Justin Herbert will only be a year better and after knocking out the offseason, the new coaching staff looks to put up a much better show than the previous coaching staff.

Quite frankly, that is not going to take much. The previous coaching staff was woeful and the team still finished with a 7-9 record.

We have broken down every game of the Chargers’ schedule already and predicted their final record and it is safe to say that the playoffs are in the picture. While a winning season will be fun, there is more fun to be had during the 2021 season.

There are three (non-divisional) games in particular that have some extra juice to them; that have a fun storyline attached to it that is going to make rooting for the Chargers all the sweeter.

Here are three LA Chargers games with a fun storyline attached in 2021:

1. Week 10 vs. Minnesota Vikings

The storyline: Justin Herbert vs. Justin Jefferson

There is some kind of weird beef between Charger and Viking fans going on. Not only do I personally have a wager already on this game, but the AP Offensive Rookie of the Year race from last season has left a lot of Viking fans that do not like the Chargers.

To any Viking fans reading this: go ahead, get your jokes about there only being a dozen Charger fans out of the way.

In all honesty, it is going to be a really fun game where the AP Offensive Rookie of the Year winner, Justin Herbert, goes up against the runner-up, Justin Jefferson. While they will not be going toe-to-toe directly, both guys had record-setting rookie seasons and will provide the fireworks for this matchup at SoFi Stadium.

As far as we are concerned, Justin Herbert will get the leg up on Justin Jefferson yet again as the Chargers will outlast the Minnesota Vikings.