LA Chargers: Ranking the 2021 rookies by projected first-year impact

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(Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

6. Chris Rumph

Chris Rumph was the edge selection that we all expected the LA Chargers to make in the draft although he was not a player that a lot of Charger fans were talking about in the pre-draft process. He seemed like a bit of a reach at the time, and this is the fourth round we are talking about, so the Chargers must like something in him.

I trust in Brandon Staley to make the most out of Rumph at the NFL level but there are too many inconsistencies on film. Rumph is solid against in pass rush and when it is working it is working. However, he is very raw and will not stand up against the run whatsoever in year one.

Rumph will likely see most of his impact in special teams but I grouped him away from these other players as he should get some snaps on the defense in year one, particularly in passing downs. I would feel uncomfortable if he got any more than that.

We truly cannot judge a draft pick until he proves it on the field but out of all the mid-round picks in the draft, this is the one that I am the sourest on. I don’t just worry about his year one impact, I am worried that he won’t ever turn into a solid contributor with the Chargers, which is common with fourth-round picks.

Not every pick is going to be a hit you know.