LA Chargers: Justin Herbert looks absolutely jacked in must-see video

LA Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert took the NFL by storm in 2020 and had arguably the most impressive rookie season in league history. With everything stacked against him, Herbert broke just about every rookie passing record there is to break, coming just shy of Andrew Luck’s passing yard record in only 15 games played.

The excitement for what Herbert can do moving forward is off the charts, especially with the front office putting more resources into the offensive line this offseason. Herbert is giving Chargers fans even more of a reason to be excited for next year as well as looks to be in phenomenal shape for his sophomore season.

Keenan Allen recently posted a video on Instagram that showed him, Justin Herbert and various other players getting some offseason work in. Those that pay attention can see something very important about Justin Herbert: he looks absolutely jacked.

It is pretty safe to say that Justin Herbert has been putting in work this offseason. This should be scary for the rest of the NFL as Herbert already has the monster arm to beat you and now might run you over in the process as well.

Heck, Herbert has already made highlights running defenders over. In his first career start he delivered a punishing hit to Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Damien Wilson that left him down for the count.

Justin Herbert is geared up for a huge second season with the LA Chargers.

It is safe to say that Justin Herbert is going to follow up his record-setting rookie season with an even better year in 2021, as hard as that may seem to fathom. Not only is he in monster shape, but the situation all around him is far better than it was last year.

Even if the offensive line does not reach its ceiling it is going to be much better than last year. He gets an entire offseason and an actual preseason to get into shape. He won’t be thrown to the fire with a 10-minute notice after not expected to start for quite some time. He has a much more forward-thinking coaching staff that should (hopefully) have much better playcalling.

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He lost Hunter Henry but he still has Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, Austin Ekeler and a solid replacement in Jared Cook at tight end. And most importantly: he has the experience of his rookie season under his belt.

Patrick Mahomes infamously shared that he did not know how to properly read an NFL defense until halfway through this second season as a starter.

If Justin Herbert is in the same boat and has the same revelation, with the shape that he is in, we could be looking at a legitimate MVP candidate.