LA Chargers: 5 predictions for day 3 you can take to the bank

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(Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

3. The LA Chargers pick Quincy Roche in the fifth round

Quincy Roche originally appeared higher on most draft boards but he fell more and more as the draft got closer and here he is still available to be picked. Personally, I am not sure that Roche will even be picked in the fourth round. He feels like a fifth-round talent at this point.

If he is there for the Chargers in the fifth round then he should be the selection. The Chargers can certainly add depth on the edge and add someone who can help split duties with Uchenna Nwosu and fill in for Joey Bosa if the team gets creative and plays him on the inside of a 3-4 defense.

The biggest hole in Roche’s game is his ability in run coverage and that is fine. While the Chargers still need to be conscious of stopping the run, the name of the game in the NFL is getting pressure on the quarterback. Roche has a lot of potential as a pass rusher and could create a fantastic, interchangeable pass-rushing unit in Los Angeles.

And hey, with more time he could get better against the run and can prove to be the eventual replacement for Nwosu if the team does not decide to re-sign him.

ESPN ranked Roche as the 173rd prospect in the draft. While that does not guarantee anything, it feels likely that he will be there at 160.