2 female LA Chargers fans help get gear to fans around the world

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While often the butt of many jokes, the LA Chargers fanbase truly is a family. We have been through a lot as Chargers fans and it has strengthened the bonds in the fandom itself.

That is why it was so disappointing that fans could not see the Chargers play in brand-new SoFi Stadium in 2020. While jokes will be made about fans not showing up, the 2020 season was an exciting new chapter for the franchise and fans did not get to see it in person.

However, fans can see SoFi Stadium now as the Chargers team store is open at the stadium. While it is not quite a game, it does give fans a chance to get their first in-person peek at the revolutionary new stadium that the Bolts will call home.

Not everyone can get down to SoFi Stadium to get their new Chargers gear, though. The Chargers fanbase is widespread, so some fans are bound to miss out.

That is where Jen Mills and Karen Garcia stepped in.

Jen and Karen were featured on the latest segment of Bolt Insight on the Charger Chat podcast (embedded above). Kevin Duggin of Charger Chat, the official LA Chargers podcast of the FanSided podcast network, interviewed the two die-hard Charger fans who have become known for their ‘care packages’.

Jen and Karen have been going to the team store at SoFi Stadium and have been taking orders for fans who could not make the trip themselves. They purchase the merchandise and ship it around the world in order to ensure that these Chargers fans can represent their team as if they were LA themselves.

Jen Mills explained how it all started:

“Back in 2019 one of the first couple of games I went to that season I just happened to come across a bunch of extra stickers and at the end of the game they handed out posters. So I just grabbed a few extra and decided to see if any fans would like to have any of them. It just happened to become popular and once that started I was like ‘hm, let’s see about doing another giveaway and seeing how fans react.”

Jen has been doing giveaways for Charger fans on Twitter since the 2019 season and that transitioned into her and Karen helping Charger fans get gear from the team store. The two met on Twitter as Karen did not want Jen to have to continue doing giveaways by herself.

Karen explains the first time they met and how they started working together to help ship gear around the world.

“We ended up meeting and going to the store together and I wanted to help her with all of the stuff she was buying. So I helped carry everything because there was SO much that she bought for everybody.”

Jen and Karen exemplify what makes the LA Chargers fanbase so special.

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