Charger Chat is now the official LA Chargers podcast of Bolt Beat

Charger Chat, a Los Angeles Chargers podcast
Charger Chat, a Los Angeles Chargers podcast /

We here at Bolt Beat consistently try to bring you all of the LA Chargers coverage and analysis that you could ever hope for. Today, we are expanding to include podcasts as part of our coverage and analysis.

Charger Chat is now the official LA Chargers podcast of Bolt Beat. Kevin Duggin, Kyle Duggin, and Adam Woolley make up the podcast crew that brings quality LA Chargers content week-in and week-out.

Charger Chat already has 75 uploaded episodes and each new episode will be embedded in articles here on Bolt Beat. To support the official podcast of Bolt Beat, you can follow the Charger Chat guys on Twitter as well as subscribe to their YouTube channel.

We asked the Charger Chat guys a few questions to get to know them and what their podcast is all about.

Getting to know Bolt Beat’s official LA Chargers podcast, Charger Chat:

How long have you guys been doing the podcast and what sparked the inspiration? Anything deeper than just being fans? 

“We started the podcast back in 2019. The three of us are spread out over the country (San Diego, Missouri, and Idaho) but are all originally from San Diego. It was after the move to Los Angeles and we just weren’t connected with the Charger community the way we wanted to be. There also was a lot of negativity surrounding our team after the move. We decided we wanted to get together and be a shamelessly positive podcast. Wanted to see if we could get new fans or old fans to get as excited about our team as we are.”

What makes Charger Chat different from other LA Chargers podcasts that are available? 

“There are some great podcasts out there. Guilty as Charged, Locked on Chargers, and Chargers Brawl. We have a lot in common with those podcasts and consider them good friends. I think what makes us different is our personalities. Two of us are brothers, one is a high school football coach, one is a die hard fan since their dad took them to Jack Murphy Stadium every Sunday.

Our other host Adam is a voice actor lending his voice to TV shows and cartoons. We bring the funny every episode and try’s and have as much fun as possible. Our mission statement when we started was we need to get as many fans connected as possible. With that in mind we are always interacting with fans on the show.

Every week on our fan focus segment we get to know a new Charger fan. You would be surprised at how many fans we have all over the world. Australia, New Zealand, England. You name it.”

Perhaps some Bolt Beat readers could be part of the fan focus segment in the future? (Selfishly, I might have to put my name in the hat as well).

How did each of you become a Charger fan? 


“I was born into it. My dad had season tickets in the mid to late 90’s and we were always going to games. It’s the thing my dad and Brother bond over the most.”


“I was a high school football coach for 10 years but had to step back to be home with my kids and needed a football outlet. We want to connect why is a big fan base that is spread across the country and the world. Football is the ultimate team game and our fan base has mirrored that team/family aspect.”


“I was always aware of the Chargers growing up in Rancho Bernardo, but it wasn’t always my thing. Never played football, watched it rarely. Going to college with Kevin changed all that.

His undying love for the Chargers was infectious and made me start to take a much closer notice at the team, especially my all-time favorite player, Philip Rivers. I started to learn more about the players and the game and became much more invested. Now, I’m all in.”

What is your favorite LA Chargers memory/moment?


“That’s a tough one. Recently it has to be Mike Williams catching that two point conversion from Phillip Rivers in Kansas City. I had lost my mind and after seeing all the reaction videos, I felt like this fan base is special. Then definitely going to the Super Bowl in 1995.”


“Favorite charger memory was at the Q watching a game with my brother and dad. The Chiefs had a field goal attempt to win with a couple seconds on the clock so my dad and brother anxiously walked around the consession area while I sat alone. But once the Chiefs missed we lost our minds and my dad and brother came sprinting back down and hugs and screams followed.”


“Every gosh darn, dag nabbin’, god blessin’, horse messin’ Philip Rivers mic’d up moment. Too tough to pick just one.”

We had to get topical with the last question. The 2021 NFL Draft is quickly approaching and we have covered just about every direction the draft could go here at Bolt Beat. We wanted to see what the Charger Chat guys thought of the 13th overall pick.

Who are the LA Chargers drafting at 13?


“Tackle Tackle Tackle. Hope we land one of the top two in Sewell or Slater. If we land Darrisaw I would be perfectly happy. Boltup!”


“Wish list in order if available: Sewell, Slater, Darrisaw, Horn, Surtain”


“Who I want: Penei Sewell or Rashawn Slater. Who I’m predicting: Christian Darrisaw or Jaycee Horn”

Again, we want to send a very warm welcome to Kevin, Kyle, and Adam and I am super excited to work together with them and bring Bolt Beat readers a quality podcast to listen to.