Chargers Draft: Tackle, corner or receiver? What recent history favors at 13

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LA Chargers Draft
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The LA Chargers have the 13th overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, which is a bit of an interesting position to be in. There are levels to every draft board and the drop-off appears to occur at the 10-12 range, potentially leaving the Chargers out of getting an elite prospect.

Regardless, the team will have options and there are several ways that the Bolts can go. The two biggest roster holes on the team are at tackle and cornerback. The Bolts currently do not have a tangible option to play left tackle nor have a tangible option to be the second outside corner.

It appears more likely than not that those will be the first two positions taken by the Chargers in the 2021 NFL Draft. The order will be determined by who the team loves on its draft board.

That is not what some fans want, though. There is this growing belief that the Chargers should go best player available, with many wanting the team to draft Jaylen Waddle (or whichever elite receiver is there).

While unlikely, I would not completely rule it out if the top two corners and top two tackles get taken before the Chargers.

What position should the LA Chargers draft? What does recent history say?

Prospects are different year-over-year and just because a particular prospect did not work out does not mean that this year’s prospect won’t work out. However, it still is interesting to see which position historically succeeds more in this draft range.

Using Sport-Reference’s Stathead tool, we looked back at every tackle, cornerback and wide receiver to be taken in picks 10-15 since 2010. Let’s break down each position and you can decide which route is more favorable for the Chargers.