The LA Chargers must stay away from these veteran free agents

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LA Chargers Draft
LA Chargers Draft /

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports – LA Chargers

The LA Chargers have made several free-agent signings this offseason and there is still room for more. While the big-name free agents are no longer on the market, the Chargers can still make lesser moves to complement the 2021 draft class.

These signings almost certainly have to come before the 2021 NFL Draft. The signings will help shape what the Bolts do in the draft as the team has several roster holes that need to be addressed.

We already have a good idea of what positions the Chargers need to address in the draft, it is the order that is still up in the air. There are some notable free agents still available that fit the team’s needs and could impact how the team plans to attack the 2021 NFL Draft.

However, there are two veteran free agents that the LA Chargers must steer clear of.

Signing either of these veteran free agents makes sense on paper as they both fill an area of need for the team. However, they would not wind up being the additions that the Chargers need and would be a waste of cap space.

The Bolts would be much better off drafting these positions and leaving these veteran free agents alone.

You may want the Chargers to sign one of these two free agents but it would be for the best if the team doesn’t. Let’s break it down, and hopefully swing you to the right side of history.