LA Chargers: 2 players to absolutely stay away from with pick 13

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(Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

2. Caleb Farley

It might seem like such a small thing but Caleb Farley getting a microdiscectomy is enough reason of concern for the LA Chargers to pass on Farley. Farley has widely been crowned as a top two cornerback in this draft along with Patrick Surtain.

However, Jaycee Horn really showed out in his pro day and is moving up the big boards. Horn is someone who fits the Chargers better than Farley anyways but even if Horn is off the board and Farley is available, the Chargers should simply look elsewhere.

The move then would be offensive line, but if none of the premier offensive line talents are on the board then the team must pivot. I broke down what the team should do in the worst-case scenario, which includes both Farley and Waddle being on the board. It does not include drafting either of them, obviously.

I would much rather the team address a different roster need in round one and then draft Asante Samuel Jr in round two instead of drafting Farley with the 13th overall pick.

It might sound like an overreaction but this is a team that has battled with injuries extensively and opting into a situation where the player might be more likely to be injured is not something the Chargers should do.

This is not the only thing to be concerned about, either. Farley tore his ACL back in 2017 and was forced to miss two games in 2019 because of back spasms. Injuries happen in football but the Chargers know all-too-well what it is like taking a talented first-round corner only for them to not play much.

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The LA Chargers should be striking a big red X throw Farley’s name. He should not even be considered.