Why the LA Chargers shouldn’t pursue a free-agent left tackle

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3. If the LA Chargers do spend on a free-agent offensive lineman it should be Corey Linsley

It is not impossible for the LA Chargers to spend seven figures on a free-agent offensive lineman this offseason and if they do it should not be on a left tackle, it should be on the center position.

I covered in a previous article why Corey Linsley should be the number one priority for the LA Chargers this offseason and I will be rehashing some of the same points. At the end of the day, I would much rather see the team sign Linsley for $10-11 million per season than sign Fisher for $13-15 million per season.

While I do not like over-relying on veteran offensive linemen because of the risk of injury and regression, I would be fine with it at the center position. That is the one position to get a veteran, in my opinion, as he could help not only the rest of the offensive line but Justin Herbert as well.

Plus, it is harder to land a surefire center in the NFL Draft and 13 is way too high to draft someone to play center. Tackle can be easier to scout and determine and is certainly worth a mid-first-round pick.

Linsley just makes a lot of sense for the Chargers. He is going to be more affordable for the team, fills a significant hole as the Chargers do not really have a center and is going to make those around him better.

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The offensive line should be young in 2021. Getting that veteran leader to captain the ship in the middle can make all of the difference. A similar impact exists with a veteran left tackle, but because of the other factors, I would go with a center.