Why the LA Chargers should not even consider trading for Zach Ertz

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(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

3. The LA Chargers can simply wait it out with the Zach Ertz situation

I do not hate Zach Ertz as a backup plan to Hunter Henry, I want to make that clear. If Henry gets some absurd contract offer from a team like the New England Patriots and the Chargers have interest from someone such as Joe Thuney then it would make sense to let Henry walk.

Both of those things are rather big ifs, however. Charger fans need to recognize that. I see some fans talking about signing both Thuney and Joe Linsley (the two best free-agent offensive linemen), which is pretty unreasonable to expect.

Regardless, if those ifs happen and the LA Chargers need a backup plan for Hunter Henry then Ertz could be someone who can fill in the gap, just not for his current price point.

The LA Chargers could potentially bring in Ertz without trading for him. There is no guarantee that the Eagles can get a deal done, because of his age and his contract price, and Ertz reportedly wants the Eagles to release him that way he can choose his next team.

Granted, this means that Ertz would have the power to choose another team other than the Chargers and the Chargers would los the ability to essentially force him to LA with a trade. However, the Chargers have a lot to offer in being a desired free-agency destination — the great young quarterback, a great new head coach, brand-new stadium, big market, etc.

This might be the best path for the LA Chargers to take. Prioritize getting something done with Hunter Henry and if that is unreasonable then they can pursue Ertz in free agency on a lesser contract without having to trade draft capital.

There is the risk of not having either Henry or Ertz and coming up empty-handed, but as long as Tom Telesco is on top of the situation with both tight ends, that really should not happen. That would be poor management by Telesco.

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