Justin Herbert on track to become best Pacific Northwest-based QB


Everyone in the Pacific Northwest, and now also Los Angeles, knows of Justin Herbert, the Eugene, OR product who played college ball at Oregon. Now, this west coast kid is getting even more national attention.

Justin Herbert is arguably the best rookie QB this year to come from the 2020 draft. Yes, Joe Burrow is as good as advertised but the experts were far less confident and sure on Herbert. His range of outcomes were from best in the draft to being the QB bust.

Every QB class has at least one bust. Look at the 2018 QB draft class. Lamar Jackson is the best, but he was the last one picked. Josh Allen has been just as good, maybe better then Lamar. Josh Rosen is almost out of the league.

Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold’s respective teams are still considering if they are the true franchise QB, even though Mayfield just led Cleveland to the playoffs for the first time in forever and had a good season.

Justin Herbert could become the greatest quarterback from the Pacific Northwest.

Oregon’s list of NFL quarterback’s is a mix bag. Ranging from Dan Fouts, to Marcus Mariota, to Joey Harrington and Akili Smith. Fouts is easily the best of the best. Smith is easily the worst and arguably one of the biggest busts ever. Mariota’s career still has a chance for a happy ending.

Justin Herbert could be the best QB since Dan Fouts to play for the Chargers organization. So, this makes Herbert the best QB from Oregon in the NFL. Ouch to Mariota. He did win the Heisman after all and Herbert didn’t. However, Herbert has an NFL Rookie of the Year and Mariota is on his second team. Mariota lost his starting job to Ryan Tannehill.

What’s crazy is it took a freak medical accident to Tyrod Taylor to get Herbert on the NFL field. Taylor’s lung was accidentally punctured by the team’s medical staff minutes prior to kick off against the Kansas City Chiefs. Herbert didn’t just step into the NFL, he blew up their front door. When’s the last time a rookie had that kind of a rookie debut performance?

The LA Chargers are thrilled that Herbert stayed in college for one more year. As an argument can be made that Herbert is the greatest rookie quarterback of all time. Herbert is the owner of the rookie touchdown mark with 31. Herbert threw for 38 less total yards than Andrew Luck, but did so in one less game.

While Herbert’s play was amazing, the results didn’t not correlate. His record stands at 6-9 but he did end on a four-game winning streak. The Chargers have their next franchise QB after transitioning from Philip Rivers.

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Justin Herbert will be leading the charge to dethrone the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC West.  The Chargers battling the Chiefs for the foreseeable future is going to be must-watch NFL TV.