LA Chargers: 4 recently-cut free agents that are worth pursuing

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(Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

The official start of NFL free agency is quickly approaching (March 17) and we are just now starting to see players get cut as cap casualties by their respective teams. This weekend, as well as next, we here at Bolt Beat will bring you the recently-cut players that are worth pursuing for the LA Chargers.

Next week’s edition of this article will include players that have been cut from now until the publishing of said article. Today, we are looking at all of the recently-cut players from this offseason and pinpointing who is actually worth pursuing.

And when we narrow it down, there are really only four names that jump off the page as worth pursuing. There are lesser names that could be brought in for depth, but in terms of coming into LA and actually making a difference, only four are worth mentioning.

That list may grow by the time we readdress this next weekend. For now, here are the four recently-released players that are worth the LA Chargers pursuing.

1. Thomas Morstead

The LA Chargers need a fresh start in special teams

Ty Long has not been awful for the LA Chargers but he certainly has not been a great punter. After a historically bad season, the Bolts should look to be cleaning house and completely revamp the special teams unit.

On the market is one of the best punters of the past decade in Thomas Morstead. Morstead has been exceptional for the New Orleans Saints and would be the best punter that the Chargers have had in quite some time.

Long is an early restricted free agent so the Chargers can simply walk away from him without any dead money. Morstead would be more expensive, but punter salaries are so low that it would not restrict the team from doing anything else.

Perhaps new offensive coordinator George Lombardi can call up Morstead and convince him to join him in LA from New Orleans.