LA Chargers: Buy or sell potential offensive line free agents

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OG Jon Feliciano

Is Jon Feliciano a good value option for the LA Chargers?

I’ve already covered some of the big money offensive line upgrades that will be there for the Chargers. The chances of them spending huge sums at three offensive line spots is unlikely though. I’d love to have Villanueva, Thuney, and Linsley all on the same line, but that would cost over $40 million per season.

Instead, the Chargers could sign a Linsley and/or Thuney, but then go for some discounted players. Enter Bills’ free agent guard Jon Feliciano. The former Raider struggled to produce in Oakland as a starter. He definitely made some improvements once he got to Buffalo in 2019 though. Feliciano graded in the mid 60’s on PFF in both seasons, reaching a career high offensive grade of about 65 in 2020.

Compared to the huge contracts that will be doled out to other offensive linemen, Feliciano just won’t be that pricey. Spotrac’s Market Value has him at around $8 million in average annual value. That translates to about $24 million on a three year deal, $16 million on a two year deal.

Feliciano is an apt replacement for Turner that can ultimately be had for less money. Should the Chargers strike out on Thuney, Linsley, or Villanueva, this becomes a no brainer with better production for a lower cap hit.

The drawback to Feliciano might be his relative inexperience as a starter. His two seasons in Buffalo were his first as a starter playing 500+ snaps. There’s some injury concern as well. Feliciano suffered a pectoral injury in July that caused him to miss about half of the 2020 season.

For me though, the value you’re getting him at is reason enough to gloss over those potential drawbacks. Being on a two or three year deal worth less than $10 million per season just doesn’t present as much risk as a bloated contract. You’re also taking a shot on the potential for him to continue the improvement he’s shown the last two years, which could pay dividends.

Jon Feliciano in FA: Buy

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There are plenty of other offensive line free agent possibilities that the Chargers could pursue, but this is a good initial list. Villanueva and Linsley have had plenty of links to the Chargers with many free agent lists having them as targets for Los Angeles. Andrews and Thuney are two options that New England may not be able to afford while Feliciano provides decent depth/starting potential.