LA Chargers: Grading Keenan Allen and the 2020 WR group

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K.J. Hill and Joe Reed

Both Hill and Reed seemed like they would be the third and fourth receivers coming into the 2020 season. It didn’t play out like that, to say the least.

Joe Reed had one passing target and zero receptions for the entire season. The Chargers used him as a gadget option out of the backfield. He did end up having a couple of productive run plays, one of which scored a touchdown. I can’t grade him as a wide receiver ultimately if he wasn’t used as a receiver. His usage on offense also faded dramatically towards the end of the season. From Week 9 on, he was used exclusively as a kick returner most of the time.

Having watched his college tape, I just don’t get why the Chargers were so hesitant to use him as a receiver. He was a decent wideout at Virginia. Obviously, he wasn’t all there as a route runner, but neither are many late-round receivers when they first start in the league. Hopefully, we see more of him at WR next year.

Final 2020 Grade: I, incomplete

Hill got much more run at receiver than Reed did, but I still don’t feel like there’s much to go on in giving him a receiver grade. More than half of his yards came against the Raiders, which was when Allen and Williams were severely limited with injuries. It was a promising sign in terms of a potential move up the depth chart for 2021.

For 2020 though, there’s really not much to say. Hill showed some good technique and ability as a potential slot. At the same time, he only eclipsed 20% of the offensive snaps in five games.

Allen continued to be the star of the group with multiple 100+ yard games. He fit with Herbert like a glove, which I thought was really impressive from both of them.

Williams’ yards went down, but he only had one fewer reception. If he builds on his relationship with Herbert, he’s still great for a WR2.

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Guyton and Johnson were the true surprises of the season. Guyton’s a good deep option whose game is still raw, yet effective when it needs to be. Johnson really impressed me with the full set of skills he showed. His production may not lead some to believe he’s the third receiver, but he’s easily the third most talented on this team to me.

Preseason 2020 Chargers WR’s grade: B+

Final 2020 Chargers WR’s grade: B