5 mistakes the LA Chargers must avoid making this offseason

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(Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images) – LA Chargers

The LA Chargers have a very important offseason ahead of them. The decisions that Tom Telesco and co. make this offseason will shape the future of the team and whether or not they can realize the Super Bowl potential while having Justin Herbert on his rookie contract.

The Chargers already have the foundation in place to be a Super Bowl team. Now, the team is hoping that Brandon Staley is the right man for the job to get them there. This roster is far from perfect, though, and the Bolts need to make sure they nail this offseason.

That means that there are certain mistakes that we as fans can see from a mile away. Whether it be faith in the wrong players or a mere oversight, these mistakes could legitimately happen this offseason and the Chargers must do everything in their power to prevent them from happening.

1. The LA Chargers not bringing in kicking competition for Michael Badgley

Loyalty goes a long way in the NFL but sometimes it goes too far. The LA Chargers have been too loyal with Michael Badgley, who missed too many big kicks last season to ignore. Sure, when he is on he is on, but his inconsistency and inability to consistently make long field goals is a problem.

Anyone that follows us over on Twitter (if not, join the party!) knows of the inside joke about the Chargers having an undercover kicking problem. Right before Badgley missed his first kick of the season, we posted an article detailing how Badgley was not as “money” as the fans thought and that the Chargers had an undercover kicking problem.

That problem came into the light during the season and was no longer undercover. We may have jinxed it, but every single time he missed a kick we tweeted out the link to the article.

That means that we tweeted it out 12 times.

The Chargers cannot put the faith in Badgley to figure it out and right the ship. There has to be a kicking competition in camp as Badgley cannot figure it out on the job. With a deep AFC, there is little room for error for a Chargers team that notoriously loses winnable games.

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