Why the LA Chargers could see Carson Wentz in the AFC West


The AFC West has two of the best quarterbacks in the league that are going to duel for years to come. Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs are the current kings of the division with Justin Herbert and the LA Chargers coming and coming fast.

The Chargers have the Super Bowl formula with Herbert — an elite quarterback who is on his rookie contract, allowing the team to spend money elsewhere. They have to capitalize of course, but the foundation has been laid.

The Denver Broncos and Las Vegas Raiders are falling behind at the quarterback position. Drew Lock might not even be the starter in 2021 and if he is he is going to have a very short leash before the team moves on. Derek Carr is solid, and in my opinion, is overrated, but is on that same Kirk Cousins-level, but worse.

Both teams are going to have to get better at quarterback to compete. That could come in the form of Lock and Carr naturally improving, but it could come via trade as well. The NFL is undergoing a quarterback carousel this offseason and either the Broncos or Raiders could take part.

In fact, don’t be shocked if one of the two teams looks to acquire former MVP candidate, Carson Wentz.

Why the LA Chargers may see Carson Wentz in the AFC West:

First off: which team makes more sense to acquire Carson Wentz? There were rumors on Saturday night that the Philadelphia Eagles were trading Wentz to the Chicago Bears, but at this point, those are unsubstantiated rumors.

Wentz absolutely could be dealt to Chicago, but a much better fit exists in the AFC West and that fit is the Las Vegas Raiders.

Yes, the Las Vegas Raiders.

There are multiple reasons to think that Vegas could be in on Wentz. First of all, Jon Gruden has not been shy in the past when talking about just how much he loves Wentz as a quarterback. Raiders general manager Mike Mayock is from Philadelphia and was very high on Wentz before the 2016 NFL Draft.

Second, Wentz provides the chance to potentially upgrade at the quarterback position without giving up too much. It would be a massive risk, as Wentz was not good last season, but this would be the case of the Raiders betting on Wentz’s potential in a new system.

Quite frankly, the Raiders would be able to get Wentz for Carr straight up.

Carr only has $2.5 million in dead cap this season if traded, making him very easy to move for the Raiders. So why would the Eagles take Carr straight up? Contract relief.

The Eagles would be getting a quarterback who is a proven commodity. He might not have the ceiling of Wentz, but they know exactly what they are going to get out of Carr. More importantly, they get salary relief. Carr makes under $20 million and is a free agent after next season. Wentz is under contract for another four.

Philly could wiggle a mid-round pick out of Vegas but that is really all they should be able to get. Let’s not forget just how bad Wentz was last season and that contract is no secret. The Raiders know they would be doing them a favor.

So for Vegas, the logic essentially is that they have to go all-in and take a risk on a different quarterback to reach that different level. It might not work out with Wentz, but if he returns to his 2017 form then all of a sudden the Raiders are a really interested possible contender.

With Carr, they are always going to float around mediocrity. With Patrick Mahomes and now Justin Herbert in their division, they have to commit one way or another.

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So don’t be surprised if the LA Chargers have to play Carson Wentz twice a season. Good thing they are 1-0 against him.